The Light is on the way! (or Leaving the darkness)

These dark days will one day be the best chapters of your story.

How to be happy!

A Simple Suggestion for Happiness #7 (Just go through.)

When I stumble, I am really learning to step higher.

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Overcoming Anger

Some people only feel truly alive when they are angry.

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How One Thought can Change Your Life!

Loving my enemy today might save me a lot of heartache down the road.

How to be happy!

Maybe there is something to this “Love thy neighbor” thing.

The people in our lives are all around us anyway, we might as well make the most of what we have.

How to be happy!

Love for no reason.

  Today I read a phrase that stopped me in my tracks.   "... love is incapable of asking for anything." I feel like I could let that sink in for ten years and never get the full benefit of these words. How much of my life has been built on the idea that I… Continue reading Love for no reason.


5 words

Something wonderful is coming. I suppose this is faith. A new life begins with just a shift in intention. This is my proclamation to the Universe. May heaven and earth witness, this day, my readiness in these 5 words...     Holy Spirit, I am willing.

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A New Journey Begins…

  I am beginning a serious study of A Course in Miracles. Please send me prayers and positive energy that my desire and patience will outlast my lack of understanding. Also, please bear with me if my posts (for the next year), are flooded with ACIM stuff. Love you all!

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The Power of Words (a diy raise-your-vibration kit!)

  How powerful do you feel? You might be shocked if you understood the power that you have, just in the words you think and speak. The words on my lips and in my head create the life around me. I can affirm positivity and elevate myself and everyone around me. I can tell myself… Continue reading The Power of Words (a diy raise-your-vibration kit!)