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You Might Be a Miracle!

amazing journey day 2


This is taken from the story of a miracle. Peter and John (friends of Jesus), healed a lame man outside the temple not long after the time of Christ.

I like these words because it reminds me that I don’t have to be rich to make a difference in the world.

Have you ever had the feeling that you were meant to do something important or meaningful? We all feel that way sometimes. That is because we are created with Love and we are meant to share that Love.

We neglect our calling because it’s not convenient. “I’ll take some time and think about spiritual things when I get an easier job or when the kids get bigger. When I get that promotion, I’ll have more time, or more money…”

Every one of us was created for a purpose. There is something that you were meant to do, and no one else can do it as well.
On a more general level, we are all meant to help one another. If you are not sure what your calling is, start with service to your neighbor. A kind word or a smile doesn’t cost anything. You don’t need to have a perfect life to help others. Lighten the load of the person beside you. Who knows?

You might just be the miracle that you both have been waiting for.

Have a beautiful, blessed day!


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