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How One Grateful Action Can Turn Your Whole Day Around!

amazing journey 12


I have days when I am discouraged. I have days when I am impatient with the path my life is on. Heck, some days, I am just plain tired.


Fortunately, I have discovered a little trick to snap myself into a better attitude. It’s called service. It’s the idea that we were all put on this rock for one primary purpose and that is to help one another.


Most of us can’t help anyone else, because we are too busy feeling sorry for ourselves. Sure, sometimes life is hard. Bad things happen, and stuff gets crazy. But nothing will take your mind off of your problems like focusing on the needs of someone else.


If I am simply grateful for what I have, I am less worried about what I don’t have.


I am no saint. In fact, I am writing this to myself as much as to you. I want to remember each day that I have a strong body that carries me through my day and allows me to make a living.


I am thankful.


There are plenty of people all around me that can no longer get out of bed without assistance. I want to look for opportunities to show my gratitude by helping those less blessed than myself.


amazing journey 12c


Dear God,

show me how to help someone who is destitute

because thankfully, I have a safe place to sleep.

Help me to feed someone who is hungry, because I have plenty.

Help me to embrace a battered woman, because I am a survivor.

I have been sick, but now I am well.

I have been broken, but now I am whole.

Help me God, to share some light, because I have lived in the darkness.

amazing journey 12d


I have so much to be grateful for.

I aim to demonstrate my gratitude in more than just an attitude.

I have been given Love and hope and kindness and grace and peace and forgiveness.

I have more than enough to share.


amazing journey 12b


Tomorrow, when your job or your situation gets you down, stop and think about where you have been.

Someone near you is still there.

Someone is praying that someone like you will come along.

Love, compassion and generosity are funny things. The more you give away, the more you have.


Have a beautiful, blessed, day!

I Love you all!

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