For the One Who is Hurting…


amazing journey 14a


This post is for the one who is hurting. This is for the one who is about to give up; the one who is depressed or confused.

It is hard to understand why things happen the way they do.

Maybe you felt like you were doing a good job at this thing called life. Maybe you had a good heart and did things out of Love. Then it happened; that thing that broke your heart or knocked you down.

It’s okay. You can cry. Let those tears wash your soul.

I have been through some terrible situations, and I continue to have struggles, so I won’t insult you with easy answers. Nothing I can say will make the pain or fear or confusion go away.

I have not been in your shoes, but I have been in some dark places.


I have given myself, body and soul, to someone;

only to be manipulated, used up and thrown away.

I have fallen into despair and made decisions in an effort to escape the pain;

decisions that only added to my depression and anxiety.

I have been just about as close as anyone could come

to the edge of insanity, and even death.

I have lived in the dark places.

Here are a few things I have learned to be true.

A. The things I went through changed me, in some good ways and some bad. It’s been said that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. That isn’t always true. Parts of me are broken. Parts are more vulnerable. I am wiser in many ways, but I have to fight against being cynical. The point is, I had to go through all of it to become who I am today. I am the way I am today for a reason. This is who I was meant to be. There is a reason for all of it


B. I don’t have to understand the reason. I just have to trust in my purpose. My purpose has to do with helping those around me. I once heard someone say, “I found my own strength because I saw yours”. Maybe what I am going through is not just about me, but also about demonstrating my faith to those around me.


C. Whatever the reason for the struggle, I now know that I am never alone. I am surrounded by friends and family who care about me. Even if they all disappear, I carry with me a divine Love that understands what I am going through and knows how the story will end.


amazing journey 14


Whatever you are going through, focus on getting through today.


•Today you are Loved more than you know.

•Today’s trouble is burning away the parts you will no longer need.

•Today you are becoming tomorrow’s masterpiece.


God bless you!

I Love you all so much!



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