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You Are Doing Great, Even When You Don’t Think So.


amazing journey 15


I have learned so much on this path! So many breakthroughs!

So why can’t I remember those “ah ha” moments when it counts? Sure, I can ask forgiveness for losing my temper, but why didn’t I remember that God’s Love is with me before I lost control?

I beat myself up about these things all the time. I really do believe the things I preach, so why do I fail at them so often in the real world?

Here is what I need to remind myself, and often.

This life is a journey. I am still learning, and that means practice. If l had it all together, there would be nothing left to learn, and I would be at my destination. Since I am still walking the earth, I will continue to make mistakes and so will you.

Yeah, that sucks, but here is the good news. There is something that carries me from one fumble to the next. It’s a beautiful thing called Grace. Grace is the idea that we are Loved so much that there is never an end to our forgiveness. Unlimited do-overs!


amazing journey 15a


I am not suggesting that you use this Grace as a free pass to do bad things, because when the dust settles you will just feel worse than ever, because of the stupid crap you stirred up.

What I am saying is, guilt is a wasted emotion. The past is gone. Sometimes it’s hard to believe. Just take a moment. Be still and listen. There is a Love that’s saying

“It’s okay. Keep going. There is a reason for everything. You are doing so well!”

I want to remember every good thing I’ve been given. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just pull up the perfect bible verse  or quote for every situation. Sometimes you will, and that is awesome. Sometimes you won’t, and that is how is should be.

For everything in between, there is Grace.


Have a beautiful, blessed day!

I Love you all!


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