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How to Stop Second-Guessing Yourself!

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Are you a worrier? I used to be. I would walk around emotionally and mentally paralyzed, worried and stressed out. I couldn’t make decisions, afraid that I would be wrong. Or I was sorting through the latest disaster that I had brought on by my stupid choices.


Can you relate? Maybe you talk the problem out with your friends. Ask everyone you know for their opinion. “What should I do? How should I deal with this?” Maybe you are so preoccupied with your complicated life that you can’t concentrate on the moments in front of you.


We search for the answers in the opinions of our friends, of experts, and in self-help books. We worry and stew and wonder. We “what if…”. We overthink.


Well, I have a suggestion for you. Perhaps the answers we seek out there are already here, on the inside. Maya Angelou once said, “Just do right.” Just simply do what you know in your heart is right.


The problem is you have forgotten where you came from. You were created by a divine energy. The wisdom of God lives in your cells.


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You already know the answers. They are right there, just below the surface. You just need to let go of all that complicated crap and just listen. Just listen.


Get still and just listen.


There is a voice inside that wants to guide you in the right direction. When you listen and “Just do right.”, your life will change in many ways.


1.When you see that those internal choices really do work out for the best, you will gain confidence in your own decision-making skills.

2.Your life will take on a sort of “flow” because you are taking the turns that lead to your divine purpose.

3.As you get better at listening to your inner guide, you will worry less. You will have more peace.

4.Instead of being afraid of what life may bring, you will start to feel safe and protected.


I encourage you to take a different approach to your problems. What do you have to lose? Go with the flow of what your heart feels. All that analyzing and worrying is not really helping anyway, right? “Just do right.” It really is that simple.


The right path for you may not make sense to anyone else, but it is yours.


Your own peaceful, purposeful life is waiting for you.


Happy trails!

I Love you all!

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