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What You Call Trouble, God Calls Training


amanzing journey 25c


This morning I was praying and brushing my teeth. Don’t laugh. I do a lot of that sort of thing. Anyway, I was basically, getting psyched up to begin my day. You know. The usual. God, go with me. Give me strength and patience and Love so that I can get through the day without screwing it up too badly.

Then I got a revelation. Today is a gift. I woke up today! Some people didn’t.  I have been given another twenty-four hours of potential! I should begin each day with gratitude instead of dread.

Yes, there will be challenges and struggles, but that’s the best part (if I look at things correctly). God has put little trials in my path to help me learn, and He knows what I need right now. Will I pass up a chance to learn something important, because I am so focused on getting through my day?

I am in training for something bigger than I can imagine.

I’m not getting any younger. I can’t afford to procrastinate my destiny because I don’t have the right attitude.

Pay attention to today. Those little annoyances are lessons in patience. That angry thought is an opportunity to Love thy neighbor.

I will begin my day with:


amazing journey 25a


And finish my day with:


amazing journey 25b


Have a beautiful, blessed day!
I Love you all!


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