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Add a little Magic to you Life!


amazing journey 28


What is magic? The dictionary says magic is “an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source” When you were a child, you were surrounded by magic. Everything was extraordinary and supernatural because it was new, and unexplainable.


If you think back and pinpoint the best moments in your life, they will probably involve a sense of wonder. Something amazing happened that you didn’t see coming, didn’t understand, or thought you didn’t deserve.


I think that many of us are unhappy with our lives because we have lost our sense of wonder. We are no longer amazed or even interested with the things happening around us. We think we have already seen it all. Been there, done that. Every day looks pretty much the same as the one before it.


What if you could see your life with fresh eyes. How would your attitude change if you could look around through the eyes of a child?


Try to recall the emotions of seeing a fireworks show or a snowfall for the first time?


amazing journey 28b

⇑Gif…wait for it!


The fireworks and the snow were wonderful because it was new to our experience and we didn’t understand it. It felt like magic. We like magicians because we can’t figure out how the tricks are done.

I have good news! You can recapture some of that wonder.


There is a magic show going on all around you. We don’t pay attention, because we’ve seen it so often. But that doesn’t make it less magical. You have washed the dishes hundreds, maybe thousands of times. Do you understand the science of tension that holds together a soap bubble? Probably not.


Here is my point. No matter what your religion or spiritual path, most can agree that there is a divine force that is in the creation of everything. That means that God is in everything. God is in the dishwater. Yep. I said it.


Just yesterday, I felt an incredible sense of peace at a moment when I was getting frustrated. There is no mortal way to explain things like that. Magical things are happening all around us. God is in your drive to work. A miracle is happening in the rain and in your relationships. Magic is everywhere.


amazing journey 28c


I challenge you to see the world around you with fresh eyes this week. Glimpse the magic in a sunset or a smile. Catch the wonder of someone’s creativity or kindness. Stop and appreciate. Be amazed. Be in awe.


You have been given this life as a gift. It is still unfolding. You are not done yet. There is so much more to explore, and the adventure is happening all around you. You just have to stop and pay attention.


Have a wonderful, blessed, magical week!

I Love you all!



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