How to be happy!

A Simple Suggestion for Happiness #8 (Be here now.)


Young gardener in garden smelling flower, sunny nature


Do you ever think about what you think about? Do you ever just stop and notice the things that go through your mind from one moment to the next?

Sometimes we are unhappy because we talk ourselves into being miserable.

Most of us would be shocked if you knew how much negativity we filter though our consciousness every day.

Lately, I am developing an awareness of my thoughts, and it is incredible. At least once a minute I catch a glimpse of fear or doubt.

The best way, I have discovered, to banish these thoughts is to adopt a state of mindfulness. Mindfulness is basically being present in this moment. I am not worried about the future. I am not regretting the past. This present moment is really all I have anyway, so why not be here for it?

Perfect Love, the kind that innately lives inside each of us, is activated when we are still and mindful of the now.

If that sounds too mystical, try this. There is nothing I can do to change the past. I can worry and regret and replay it over and over in my mind. But the fact is, I can not change it. I might as well let it go, along with all the negative emotions that I am carrying around.

Furthermore, I can plan for the future, but I really have very little control over what is coming. In fact, stressing out about a possible negative outcome only pulls more negative energy in my direction. Why waste all that energy on creating something bad?

My only certainty is: I have this moment. What will I do with it? I want to make the most of it, but regardless of my actions, the best thing to do is take a deep breath and notice the blessings around me. I want to be aware of the beauty that is right before me. I want to see the Love of God in each soul beside me.


This moment is a wondrous gift, wrapped up in light and Love and possibility and most of the time I don’t even notice it.


amazing journey be here now
Dear God,
Help me today to stop and notice the beauty of my life.
Help me to be present for this moment, right here, right now.
I don’t want to miss a thing because I’m overthinking about yesterday or worrying about tomorrow.
Thank you for your Love and protection that keeps me grounded.
Thank you for my path.
Thank you for this day.
Thank you for this moment.

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