How to be happy!

A Simple Suggestion for Happiness #10 (Imagine that!)

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This is the final post in this series. Thank you for reading, and hopefully, I have given you something to think about.

The last simple suggestion for happiness involves your own creativity. We tend to think that as long as the alarm clock goes off in the morning, and we lie down at night with a few dollars in the bank, that that’s good enough. That is life.

Believe me, there is so much more.

Your real life will not begin until you open your heart and your mind to the possibilities around you.


How do you do that? You start by dreaming.
If something makes you feel bad, imagine how it would feel if things were different. Then imagine what little thing you can do, right now to change the situation.


One of my favorite phrases is What if…? Read the following list of examples. After you read each one, stop and actually imagine what might happen in the real world if you did that thing.


 What if I shook the hand of that person I’m angry with and simply said “Good Morning”?
 What if I ignored my to-do list today?
 What if I learned how to restore an old piece of furniture?
 What if we had ice cream for dinner?
 What if I came home every night and had plenty of energy to really enjoy my family?
 What if I called up that friend that I have not seen this year?
 What if I simply stopped being angry?
 What if I told my loved ones how much they mean to me?
 What if I painted the living room pink?
 What if I could see the world through God’s eyes?


I could write a thousand pages of what if’s, but I think you get the idea. When you begin to think in terms of possibilities, you open up lines of communication between your soul, your spirit, and God. That is when amazing things start to happen.

Have you ever noticed the attitudes of small children? They have not yet learned to hide and distort their emotions. The line between fantasy and reality is blurred. Children, especially small children, tend to be simply, genuinely happy… a lot! I think this is because they are discovering the world through their imaginations. If they don’t like the present reality, they just play make-believe and dream up a different one. Children can spend hours living and playing in a world they created. They have an unwavering belief that the world is and will be exactly as they imagine.



When did we let life get so hard that we stopped dreaming? We are afraid to even hope, for fear of being disappointed.


It is not too late. It comes down to this. The life you have is maintained by your current outlook. That is not a judgment. Whether you have a good life or a miserable one, as long as you keep doing the same things and having the same thoughts, things will stay the same.


If you want something different, something better, you have to begin to change your way of thinking. The good news is, it’s really fun!

I’m going to pull some old commandments out of your head. Things you were told as a kid and have probably adopted for yourself. You have possibly even handed them down to your own children. Ready?


Grow up
Act more mature
Be responsible
Don’t be silly
Don’t be loud
Be appropriate
Work hard
Save your money
Be practical
Be reasonable
Be serious
Stop dreaming



What if you could just throw all that out?
Okay, calm down. I’m not suggesting you live your whole life like that. And please don’t spend your life’s-savings so that you can spend five years in Italy. (Although if we are playing the What If game, that is a pretty good one.) We have to have some responsibilities, after all.

I’m just asking you to use your imagination. What if you lived like that for just one day? What if you had one day with no limits? How would you feel? What would you do? What would your life be like, if other people thought of you as creative and spontaneous?
My point is, it’s okay to set aside that responsible, hardworking, stressful life sometimes, and just be you. Find a way to access your playful side. Dream. Imagine. Love. Hope. Romp!


amazing journey imagine 1


I have a lovely activity for you.

Below is a big pile of words. Before you begin, take a long, deep, cleansing breathe. Next, read each word. Don’t try to assign any meaning to them. Just let them slowly flow through you.



Love hope faith compassion desire explore fantasize gratitude give delight find enjoy peace trust prosperity serenity adore harmony Love discover passion imagine prayer quiet joy create bliss search hope solace dance wish blessings pleasure laugh devotion comfort worship new kindness live stillness sing smile invent wonder believe dream


Doesn’t that feel good? This is the language of your soul. Whenever you experience any of the above, your soul opens up. The more open and accessible your soul is, the closer you will be to God.

Soon, no matter what life throws at you, you will know you are loved and you are never alone. You will begin to see wonder and miracles sprout up around you. You will begin to imagine that anything is possible.

Have a beautiful, dreamy week!

I Love you all!


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