My New Year’s (spiritual) Resolution…wanna join me?

amazing journey resolution


I have never been a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. This is mostly because I tend to fall off the wagon of self-discipline in about 6 weeks. I do have changes I’d like to make, so what’s the answer? I think, instead of setting some lofty, ambitious goal, I’ll start with something simple and easy. Nothing that requires a lot of motivation or dogged determination.


I believe that one small change, done consistently can, over time, make a big impact. I mean, you can put $20 in a piggy bank every week, and at the end of this year, you’ll have $1040 just sitting there. No, it’s not that much, but it could go toward something cool, like paying off a bill or one awesome Christmas present! A small change can become great when it’s done consistently over time.



Here is another example: You can decide to take the stairs at work every day instead of the elevator. Yeah, it will suck for a few days, but past that, you will start to feel better. Once it becomes a habit, one day you will notice that your life is just better in lots of unexpected ways and it all started with the addition of ten minutes to your routine.



It’s not about the size of the goal, it’s about the intention and doing it over and over and over.

My resolution/goal/habit is going to be of a spiritual nature.

Here it is.

As I open my eyes each morning, I want to whisper the mantra “God, speak.”
(I use the word God here to capture the idea of the Universe, Higher Power, Energy, Love…You know, that Source of power. It’s that force that is in you, yet greater than you.)


God, speak.
I’m listening.
God, speak.
Speak to me.
God, speak.
Tell me what to do.
God, speak.
Tell me where to go.
God, speak.
Tell me what to say.
God, speak.
Tell me how to behave.
God, speak to me.
God, speak through me.
Show others Love and kindness through me.
God, speak through my words.
God, speak through my actions.
God, speak through my attitude.
God, speak.
I am listening.
God, speak.


I am anxious to see how this will impact my day, my attitude, my relationships, my energy, my life, even my year!
Also, if you feel pulled to try this practice, please let me know! Great things become amazing when we are in it together.




Love and blessings to you all!

4 thoughts on “My New Year’s (spiritual) Resolution…wanna join me?”

  1. Laura, it would be so much fun to share a cup of coffee with you– I can feel the “positivity vibes” coming right through the computer ! Thank you for sharing what has helped you– I am so glad you made it through the darker days you mentioned and chose to walk the rest of the journey with us. I am a God-seeker, too, and I think your resolution to invite HIm into your every day with “God speak” is just awesome. Yep, I will try that….the words so fit my need.

    An author I like, Kim Meeder, mentions something like this in her books Hope Rising and Fierce Beauty; -she, too, had to fight her way through some dark times–but now she shares Hope with others on her rescue ranch for wounded horses and wounded kids. They are wonderful true stories of Hope that came to desperate lives. (Warning–she is totally sold on Jesus as the One who brought her into God’s light, but well, so am I and many others, so its not that weird I guess.. God bless you and thanks for liking my post under Dr Perry’s invite to share about our blogs! So I found you :). .

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