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Planting, Waiting, and Harvesting—what season are you in now?

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One of the best things about being on a spiritual path is understanding. I hope someone can relate to this. I’m just going along through my day, and out of the blue my mind just opens up. Suddenly I understand something. A light comes on. The path is now a bit wider. The Universe gives me a little hint about how all of this works. I Love it! Please tell me some of you have these moments…


Anyway, here is the present I was given this week: (It may take me a bit to get to the point, so stick with me.)
Everything (including us), is made of energy. A sixth-grade science book will tell you that energy is never destroyed, it only moves around and changes form.
Your body has physical energy. Your body is like a battery cell that needs to recharge. You store up energy with rest and fuel your energy with food. Tomorrow, you will wake up, spend your energy, pull in more, rest up and do it again the next day. I know, duh, this is not news. I’m getting there.
Spiritual energy works in a similar way.
I have some (actually lots), of days when I feel full. I’m full of joy, full of Love, full of kindness, full of wisdom.

Then there are days when I feel like my path is darker. It’s as if I wandered into a foreign land of stress, worry, doubt, and confusion. My sunny path is now foggy and lonely.
How does this happen? Before, I just attributed it to a lack of physical energy or lack of focus, but now I understand.


amazing journey planting
Think about a seed. When a seed is planted, it is alone, in the dark. Nothing seems to be happening. It is resting. It is feeling its potential. It is storing energy.
Now, when I have a dark, lonely day, I remember that this is a resting time. It is not necessary or even feasible, to be harvesting every good blessing every single day.
Spiritual energy goes through cycles, just like any other energy. Some days are meant for planting seeds of Love, kindness, and generosity in those around us. Some days should be spend sowing seeds of Love and self-care in ourselves. Some days are meant for recharging, restoring our power, and resting in the hope of what is coming next.
Days full of sunshine and blossoms are wonderful, but if you think about it, the dormant days are pretty exciting too. They carry the knowledge that we are being rebuilt, reborn, recharged.
We are given days, even seasons where we are pulled down to the dirt; forced to be still and quiet. God knows that we need rest, because amazing things are coming. Embrace the slow, dim days. Growth and harvest are coming. You will need your rest.
Have a bountiful, blessed week!
I Love you all!

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