Daily Spiritual Practice for Beginners (Part 1: What? Why? How?)

daily spiritual practice pt 1


I am a spiritual newbie.
Just a few years ago, I was a depressed, anxious, neurotic, egotistical, angry mess. Today, I am—to steal Gabby Bernstein’s line—“the happiest person I know.” Along this path, I have made many discoveries, mostly about myself. One is this: I am a seeker. I will always be looking for more truth and more light. That is what makes me happy.


Fortunately for you, my bliss is also writing and sharing my discoveries! Hopefully, this series will help the spiritual newbies, and maybe give a fresh perspective to those who have been sojourning for a while.
During the past few years, I’ve had a challenge with finding a daily spiritual practice. I knew that I needed to follow my bliss. I was aware that I needed to incorporate things like prayer and gratitude into my day. I understood that I needed to raise my vibrations, and that I could do that in lots of ways: i.e. meditating, studying holy texts, writing, yoga, tai chi, poetry, photography, painting… Furthermore, I knew I needed to have a specific way of incorporating my beliefs into my day and recording my progress.


But who has time to do all that and hold down a job?!


Let me just say, the last legs of my path has been exciting and wonderful. I have been, in no way, unhappy. However, my days have been sort of hit or miss, as far as spiritual practices go. I made time to meditate for a few minutes every day, but otherwise, I would only pray or stretch or feel creative at sporadic/convenient times. I felt like I needed some structure; something solid and predictable. Progress (I believe), is based on consistency.


If you are new to all this, like me, you may have had similar thoughts. There are so many paths! Too many choices!


Maybe it seems like a huge commitment. A daily spiritual practice shouldn’t be a New Year’s resolution that falls by the way, when we would rather hit the snooze again. A daily spiritual practice should be exciting, energizing, and something to look forward to. But how is that even possible? If you are feeling overwhelmed, I am here to help!


I have FINALLY fallen into a daily spiritual practice that is working magic in my life. I have incorporated this new system into my morning routine, and although I basically do the exact same thing every day, it always seems fresh and changing. I open my eyes before the alarm and can’t wait to start my day. Best of all, it takes less than an hour in the morning and 20 minutes every night.


In this series, I’d like to share with you, in detail, what I do, how to do it, and why it works. I am not suggesting that what works for me is right for you. I only hope that you might be inspired to keep trying new things until you find what is right. It really is worth the effort to keep searching. My daily spiritual practice has elevated me in amazing ways that impact my life and even the lives of those around me!


I encourage you to set a goal/intention to develop a daily spiritual practice. Even if it’s just five minutes each day, repetition and reliability can create miracles.


Check out “Daily Spiritual Practice for Beginners (Part 2: You are more than a body.)”.


In the meantime, think about the things that light your fire. What things make you feel happy? When do you feel close to God? What makes you feel peaceful? What gives you energy? Somehow, those things need to happen every day. That is how we begin to love our lives. That is how we rise.


See ya soon!
Have a beautiful, blessed day!
I Love you all!



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