encouragement, How to be happy!

I am a light—expanding.



I am the woman at work that makes people roll their eyes. I tend to drop things, forget things, misplace things. Furthermore, I have this crazy, positive attitude that drives people nuts. (fyi: Miserable people are offended by happiness.)

People see my smile and never imagine that I too, can feel defeated. I notice the sighs and sideways glances and it hurts my feelings. That negative voice in my head whispers “You’re broken. You’re not good enough. There is something wrong with you.”


But this is what saves me.

I know that I am exactly the way God made me. I am not perfect and I make mistakes, but I am Loved unconditionally. In God’s eyes, I am flawless, beautiful; a light that expands every day.


Sometimes my path is dark and confusing, but I know how to stop and find the Light.


I may not be able to see the whole map, but I trust the Navigator.


I say this for you as well as for myself. Don’t let the little moments in this world get you down. Hold onto the Love you carry within you. Let it remind you that you are special and you have a purpose. Others’ opinions cannot separate you from that.


Have a blessed, beautiful day!
I Love you all!



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