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Armor of God (pt.1 intro.)



I haven’t completely made up my mind about the whole business of spiritual warfare. Here’s why.

I don’t like the idea of battle, or even conflict for that matter. I want to believe that I can be filled with the Holy Spirit and shed enough Love and Light on any situation to dispel the negative.

If God is everywhere, then how can there be any room for something called the devil? I know there is a world of positive, Loving energies that come from God. I know in my spirit that everything is connected and moving toward God.

But also, it seems there are lots of negative energies floating around trying to cause trouble. Some days feel like a fight. I’ve had a couple of days lately that felt like I was being attacked. Every moment is a new challenge.


Do you see my confusion?


Either everything is as it should be and peace is the only weapon I need, or I have to gear up to do battle against evil every day. Which one is it?


There is likely something in my head that needs a little shift; a lesson I’ve yet to learn or a revelation I’m about to see.

And since I’ve never been one to sit around and wait for the answers, I have a little research project. I remembered there’s a passage in the Bible that talks about putting on the armor of God.


If I am to Love my neighbor as myself, why do I need armor? How can I be open to Love and miracles if I am hiding behind a shield and chainmail?


This passage must be in there for a reason, and I suspect the answers I seek are buried in here; or at least this feels like the first steps of the treasure map.
In order to sort all this out, I plan to dive into a study of the “armor or God”.

(Ephesians 6:10-18)

I’m sorry if I didn’t give you anything helpful today. This is just a “heads up” about the upcoming series.
I expect this to be a ten-part series.

Please come back and go on this journey with me. I feel like we will both learn a lot.

Have a beautiful day.
I Love you all!



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