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Wonderful Spring!


This is the season of rejuvenation. Sunlight melts the last bit of chill from the air. The trees fill up with green after their dark winter sleep.

All of nature works within cycles of death and rebirth. Spring is the season of reawakening. I can feel the energy of potential all around me.
spring 1

Many nature-based spiritual paths celebrate Ostara (Spring Equinox) This is the birth of spring; a recognition that the days will now be getting longer. The earth is waking up and coming to life.




spring 2
Judaism celebrates the great Passover, (freedom festival), to commemorate the liberation of Israel from bondage in Egypt; the passing of an old life of slavery and rebirth into a life of freedom and promise.

Lailatul Miraj (Arabic: الإسراء والمعراج) commemorates Prophet Muhammad’s ascension to heaven. Muslims believe that on this night, an angel came to the Prophet, washed his abdomen with Zamzam water, and filled his heart with wisdom and belief. Then, Muhammad was called by God from Mecca to Jerusalem, where he prayed at the Masjid Al-Aqsa (Jerusalem). From Jerusalem, he ascended to heaven, where he was honored by being allowed to see God directly
spring 4


Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, who was sacrificed for the sins of mankind and came back to life in three days.
In this atmosphere of death and resurrection, I am thinking about my own transformation.
My loyal readers know how I love butterflies. I spent a long season in the darkness of a cocoon, but finally, I broke free, reborn into sunlight. As splendid as that new beginning was, it is a continuous process. I am constantly being reborn as a wiser stronger woman.
In this season of reawakening, I’d like to notice the things about myself that no longer serve me so that I can let them go. In their place, I want to bring back to life the ignored, lovely parts of my nature. Maybe I will let go of that attitude of neediness and give birth to an attitude of gratitude. Maybe I will release my need to control everything and allow a bit of faith to be born.
What would my life be like if I could let all my fears pass away and allow Love to take its place?
Now is a time of new beginnings. It’s about more than carving the ham and hiding the eggs. Take a moment over the next few days, and recognize your potential. Say goodbye to something that is blocking your sunlight. Feed, water, and nurture the good things that are naturally inside you like Love, peace, compassion, faith, and joy.


This is your time to bloom.
Have a blessed, beautiful, wonderful, joyful day!
I Love you all!


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