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Armor of God (pt.4 peace)




I have been walking around for several days trying to digest this latest bit. It seems to me that peace is a super important thing to have in your life and I didn’t want to jump the gun and miss something.


14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace….” Ephesians 6


Okay, so here is why this latest phrase gave me pause. What does peace have to do with my feet? How does the gospel of peace make me ready? I know there is something important here; I just have to dig it out.


Here is what I came up with:
If peace is a part of my armor, then obviously I put it on before I need it. Most of us allow, or find ourselves in stressful situations, and then start wishing for peace. But what would happen if we walked around with an attitude of preemptive peace? Yes, I said walked. If I set an intention in my mind to have an attitude of peace, then every step I take will be calm. In fact, as I bring a spirit of peace to each situation, I will likely ease the tensions of the other people involved.

I recently had the good fortune of working with one of the finest supervisors of my career(s). She had this uncanny ability to simply stand. There could be ten things going wrong, three people screaming, and something exploding in the background, and she would just take a deep breath and calmly devise a plan to tackle the state of affairs. I’m sure, on the inside she was a bit rattled but her calm demeanor soothed the tempers and jangled nerves around her. In return, the comfort she sent out, comes back to her in an environment of cool, calm, confidence.


Peace brings peace.


Raising my voice does not. Focusing on the negative doesn’t either.


As I prepare to walk through my day, what do my shoes look like? Do they look like the negative expectation that today will suck just like yesterday? Do they look like my inflated ego that wants to create conflict and competition?



Dear God,
Help me today to set my feet on the foundation of your Love.
Help me to dress myself today in an attitude of peace.
Remind me that every loud voice, belongs to one of your children.
Holy Spirit remind me today, that my voice and my actions are a reflection of your presence, and the person I want to be.


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