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A Serious Note


I’m that happy, super-upbeat, positive person. I try to never dwell on the negative and I surely don’t want to spread any negativity here.


However, I feel impressed to slow down and mention something.


My cause is Supporting Survivors of Domestic Abuse. I won’t go into lurid detail about why I am passionate about this, but as you can guess, it is from personal experience.


I have done my work. I have forgiven. I am healed.


Living my present life of joy and peace makes me extremely grateful. It also makes me feel obligated to share this grace I’ve been given.


Recently, I was reminded of how the old life felt when a dear friend confided in me and shared her story.

Telling our stories is the key to recovery and rebirth.
Someone you know has a story. It is a story of pain, heartache, and terror. Someone you know is still living that story. Even if the danger is in the past, the pain lingers and poisons the soul. It feels desperate and hopeless. It makes us believe those old lies about being weak and stupid. Someone you know needs help.
The first tiny step to awakening, freedom, and ultimately healing, is finding our inner strength. This comes from first hearing our own voices. The demons we carry around diminish when we shine the light of love and communication on them.

Someone you know needs someone like you to listen. No intervention. No bold, brave, actions. No therapist’s license required. Just be open and listen.


I took a brave, yet scary step, opened up and told my story to a dear friend and only then did I began to heal. I opened my mouth because I felt safe with this person. And that was six years after I had left my abuser. It took me that long to find someone I could trust with my emotions.


People with these stories have been purified by fire. They have gone through proving grounds and are made of the stuff of heroes. They have real potential to live amazing lives, but before that can happen, they have to break out of that cocoon of doubt, fear, and shame.


Telling our stories is the catalyst for healing.


It is in our connections that we realize our power.


We are to be God’s grace in this world.


We are all healed when we are open to the heartache of others.


Our burdens are lighter when shared.
Whoever is still reading this, I know there is a message here for you. Thank you for helping me spread this idea. Our stories are our salvation.
Thank you for listening.


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