And God said…



If you don’t believe in a Higher Power, I Love you, no offense intended, but you may not be interested in what follows.

For those of you who believe that God is real and communication with a Divine Source is possible, you are gonna like this.

Today I was given a simple, yet profound word from the Source of all wisdom. If you have ever received a word from God, you know how I am feeling. I offered to dismiss the nonbelievers, because they might not get the truth of this. When it is real, it simply is. This is a shining moment of potential. That’s why I want to share it.

It goes something like this.

Your purpose is not to be “liked”. Your purpose has nothing to do with being popular or even known. Your success is tied to your intention.

In case I just lost somebody, let me break it down.

My intention is to help one person. Just one. My goal is not to sway the masses. There is one person who needs a word that I can share today. I have no way of knowing who it is. Only God knows, but someone needs what I have been given to share.


From this point forward, my intention, my prayer, for every post, every status, and every conversation will be:


Dear God,

Thank you for speaking to my heart.

Thank you for allowing me to learn and grow closer to you.

Thank you for the lessons I have learned.

Thank you for the ability and opportunity to share and to help.

Take these words, God that they may be delivered to that one who needs them.

That I may be reminded it was You and not me who did it.


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