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God’s Manifesting day 3



Today was not exactly “delightful” as it had some demanding challenges. But I have discovered something wonderful. I posed a question two days ago. Can I bring blessings into my life simply by focusing on the goodness of God?
Well, today was a real test. I navigated myself through some confusing, bewildering, even alarming situations. But by the end of it, I knew that everything was as it should be.


Keeping an attitude of “delighting myself in the Lord” is working out amazingly well!
I feel like I am being vague or confusing. You see, I don’t want to betray the trust and privacy of others so I am omitting lots of details. Let me just say this. Sometimes the situations that test your limits are there to limit your focus. God will make a problem big enough to get your full attention. When you look at a problem long enough, eventually you will see the person who needs help. Maybe the situation that is the most frustrating is reminding me to be patient. The person that is driving you crazy might be the one who feels the most lost. Isn’t that what all problems are anyway; some lost soul who needs help? I mean isn’t that usually what it comes down to?



There was a time, not long ago, when this sort of day would have ended with me feeling exhausted, defeated and nursing a glass of wine. Despite all the things that went wrong, I am actually okay. Nay, better than okay. I feel excited in that way that only comes from knowing I am exactly where I should be and on exactly the right path.
Yes, I am supposed to be talking about manifesting, so let me get to that.




I had a breakthrough idea about when and what to write:


That’s my flow. That’s what will carry me to my bliss, blessings, and abundance. There isn’t a secret. There isn’t a code to break. It’s just a willingness to do the thing that makes me happy. My words are my gift. My words are the blessing that God will use to bless others. All I have to do is just let them out, all the time and never stop that flow. God will work out the details. My job is easy. How it falls into the “desires of my heart” plan is part of the great mystery, and man is this gonna be a fun ride!
But more importantly, God manifests things for me in every moment.

Today God manifested wisdom in the midst of chaos, a quiet moment and kind words for someone who was hurting, and a sense of peace during the storm.


It turns out,

having the desires of my heart is so much better

than I ever imagined, and we (God and I),

are just getting started!



Have a beautiful day.
I Love you all!


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