Walking Toward the Life You Want




I once heard someone say that your imagination is God giving you a preview of your future.

I believe that. I know something wonderful is coming. I also believe that there is a plan and everything will work out like it is supposed to.

So does that mean that I should do nothing in the mean time? Heck no! Part of my journey is in the learning. I am in training for greatness!.  I am learning how to manage a variety of situations and people. I am learning how to manage my emotions and make the best decisions. I am learning how to be humble in my successes and how to rebound in the failures. I am a work in progress.


That said, what can I intentionally do today that will take me to the next step in this journey?


Let’s see. Today I will get my spirit and mind in balance so that I will make the best choices. We all know what happens when I go off half-cocked, with more ambition than wisdom. Getting myself into something stupid will not help.


So today I will:

get my mind clear on what I want,

get my soul right and have some peace,

see the goal clearly in my mind, and

take one confident, real step toward that goal.


The journey toward your goals is much easier when you let yourself dream. Some of us have filed our dreams into some dusty back corner and only bring them into the sunlight once or twice a week. We make no real progress because, down deep, we don’t think it’s actually going to happen. Or worse yet, we have given up long ago and don’t even remember what those dreams looked like.

I know it’s scary, but you have to find them. They are your destiny. They are previews of the life you want; the life that’s waiting for you.

Dust off those dreams, get them clear in your mind, and then keep them close. Tack pictures of your dream all around your house, in your car, on your work desk and on your phone. Find quotes and verses that inspire you. When your dreams are always before your eyes  and in your heart, they will fuel your actions.

Now take some action. Make a plan. Break it into steps and do something.

I encourage you to take one real, confident, inspired step toward the life you want.

Do it today.

Do it tomorrow.

Great things are coming for us!

Believe it!


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