seek and you will find, what Love can do

Armor of God (pt.10: conclusion)




This is the final installment of my little series on the Armor of God. I have learned a lot just from writing it. Hopefully, you have gotten something from it as well.

Here is a little recap of some important points:
1. Only I can speak my truth. This keeps me centered. (belt of truth)
2. I am amazing, perfect, and beautiful, because that is the way my Creator sees me. (breastplate of righteousness)
3. Walking around with an attitude of peace will neutralize conflict and will calm and comfort everyone involved. (shoes of peace)
4. I believe in a Divine Power that Loves me without condition. Therefore, I am not afraid. (shield of faith)
5. I am saved. I am okay. I am healed. I am protected. I will never go back there. (helmet of salvation)
6. We disarm and take down the enemy with our words. (sword of God’s words)
7. If I am ever confused or overwhelmed, prayer instantly connects me to the Source of all wisdom. (cloak of prayer)
8. Empathy and compassion will go before me, lighting my path, and making a way. (torch of mercy)

That sounds like a lot to remember. I mean I barely have time to put on my actual, real-life clothes every morning. Right?
Let me see if I can boil it down for you.

It comes down to this.

First, you need to arrive at your truth. You may need to take a Saturday afternoon and sit quietly for a while with this. It’s important. You need to know what you believe. What is your truth? What is the train of thought that you know, that you know, is absolutely true. It is true in your heart and in your soul, and it doesn’t matter what your momma or your teachers or the preacher or Tony Robbins says. You KNOW what is true for you.

When you know that, the rest will take care of itself. Truth will guide you through struggles, help you find wisdom, and bring comfort to those around you. Truth will set you free.

Now that I’ve convinced you that your truth is yours alone, let me contradict myself and make one suggestion. Somewhere in your truth, I hope there is some idea of Love.
My personal truth goes something like this:
God is real. God is a force and an energy that is with me in every minute. God is working every single moment for my good. I am Loved unconditionally.

That covers every single item of armor listed above. Knowing that I am Loved (no matter what), makes me feel calm, brave, confident, connected, compassionate, and wise.


“Love is all you need.”
John Lennon


Please let me know if this series helped you.
I’m thinking about turning it into a tiny, free, e-book. Whatcha think?


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