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Today’s Goal: One Word: Connect


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Category: worry

Defined: connect-to join, link, or fasten together; unite or bind:


What it means to me: To find a commonality in things that look very different.


My story:
Did you ever have one of those days when everyone and every thing is moving way too slowly?
Here is a quick recap of my morning.
I stood in line for what seemed like 15 minutes at the bank.
The woman behind the counter at McDonald’s was spending way too much time chatting up the couple in front of me.
…and why is this stop light taking so long? !!!!!


Okay, I imagine you have guessed what’s happening here. Maybe the problem isn’t with everyone else. Maybe it’s me.
I had somehow let myself fall into this state of impatience and irritation. I’m not usually like this. I’m not even sure how this happened. I was in a good mood when I left the house…No wait. I know.
I had lots of errands to run before work and I skipped my morning prayer/meditation.
If I had spent my regular time with God, I might have seen things differently.
I might have noticed that the clerk at the bank was stressed out and obviously having a difficult day. I might have sent to vibes of love and comfort instead of obsessing about my own needs.
I might have noticed that the young lady at the restaurant was very pregnant, and despite being in that exhausting state—and working in a fast-food joint—took the time to brighten the day of an elderly couple.
If I had taken the time at the beginning to spend some time in the presence of my Source of Love, it would have been much easier to extend that Love to those around me, including myself.



Takeaway: We are all, every one of us, connected. We all carry within us a kernel of divine Love. The trick is, we only notice it when it is powered by the Love of God. When we connect with God’s Love within us, we recognize that everyone around us is a child of God. In this state of mind, there is no room for impatience, only divine connections.


Today’s goal: Today I will start my day connected to the Source of all Love. I will see each person who crosses my path today as a brother and sister, a child of God.


Affirmation to go: 1 John 4: 19
We Love because He first Loved us.

1 john 4 14


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