Today’s Goal: One Word: even {when}




Defined: even—just (used to emphasize occurrence, coincidence, or simultaneousness of occurrences):
He continued the golf game, even when it began to rain.


What it means to me: to rise


My story:

Several days ago, a close friend made an off-hand remark that hurt my feelings. I tried to brush it off when it happened, but it kept coming back to my consciousness. There was a little seed of pain that got planted in my heart and it was growing.

I am beginning to understand that something like this is a signal. There is a lesson to be learned here.

The little pin-prick to my heart, was more than just a comment. It was a reflection of this person’s actual opinion of me. It hurt because our ego rarely wants to see our own reflection in a negative light.

It hurt, but sometimes we need to see a particular truth, even when it is painful.

After days of study, writing, prayer, and introspection, I have finally figured it out. Here’s what I came up with.


Other people’s opinions of me are none of my business.


If I allow someone to hurt me, it is because I have let my ego get in the way of God’s Love. God loves us all, even when we are cruel, selfish, and ugly.

That is my goal. I want to Love each one on my path; not because of what you do or say, but because you are a being of light and a child of God.

A parent does not love their child less when they misbehave.

I want to Love the way God Loves.

I want to Love without getting all tangled up in my emotions.


Takeaway: It is perfectly okay if other people don’t get me. I can Love them anyway, even when they aren’t very loveable.


Today’s goal: Today I will counter every negative attitude with Love and grace. Today I will not worry about what other people think. I will Love God’s children, even when they are not the most lovable.


Affirmation to go: John 15: 12
Love one another, as I have loved you. (words of Jesus)



post script: within two hours of writing this and scheduling it to post, I received 5 separate affirmations from the Universe—one facebook tag, two blog posts, a text from a friend, and a sermon–that all said the exact same message: “When you know who you are, you don’t need the validation of others’ opinions.”  wow.


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