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Today’s Goal: One Word: truth



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Today’s word: truth


My story:
If you are struggling and searching for something real that will change your life, I think I may be able to help you.


It’s the concept of truth, or what is real. I’ve been searching for it my whole life and now that I’ve passed my first half-century mark, I’m finally beginning to figure it out. I’ve learned along the way that the answer wasn’t in the words of a preacher (although preachers often have some good insights), it wasn’t in the advice of parents or teachers (although the did the best they could).


I’ve read books by life coaches, preachers, popes, scientists, philosophers, and psychologists. When seeking answers that would potentially change my life, it’s sometimes hard to sort through the lofty ideas and flowery/complicated rhetoric. Along my journey, however, I have occasionally uncovered an idea that resonated in my soul; that I absolutely believed. Here is a big one.


God is Love. It sounds like a cheesy bumper sticker, but let me break it down. Where there is Love, there is God. This is the only real truth that matters. So, how does this help you?


When you feel any negative emotion, understand that God is not in it. God is the only real truth. Everything else is smoke and mirrors. When you feel confused or angry or jealous or afraid or depressed, you have allowed something (probably your ego), to get between you and Love. You are focusing all your energy on something that is not real.


Understand that I am not making light of your struggle or your pain. I know how hard it can be. But when I realized that the only real truth was the power of Love, the pain seemed less real, and therefore, had less power over me.


Want to really change your life? Think of someone or some situation that brings you joy; real, perfect joy on the inside. Perhaps you can think of the Love you have for your child, or the pride you felt when you helped someone in need. That feeling in your soul, that’s the presence of God. That is Love. Hold onto that memory and that feeling. Every time you feel any negative emotion, bring up that Loving feeling. You will be amazed by how quickly the truth of Love will chase away everything else.


Takeaway: You are a being of light and Love. Every second spent on fear or sadness is a waste of time. You were created for higher things.


Today’s goal: Today I will give no authority to anything negative in my thoughts or emotions. I will carry the truth of Love with me. There is no room in my life for anything else.


Affirmation to go:


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