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Today’s Goal: One Word: (okay, two words) let go





Today’s word(s): let go



My story:
I had a revelation yesterday that feels like it should be a whole book, but I’ll try to do it justice in a few paragraphs.


I work in a factory. About half the time I load wrapped medical trays into a big, loud machine that seals the trays into plastic packaging. It’s actually not bad. The machine’s noise drowns out everything else. It’s just me and my thoughts. I do a lot of praying and talking to God. I think about my writing and speaking projects. It’s cool. That’s when I got this revelation.


The factory where I work has satellite radio piped in overhead. Most of the time this is good, because people tend to be more productive when enjoyable music is playing. But there is a problem. It’s just my problem. You see, I work the night shift, so there are not a lot of us, and all the administration people are gone. My fellow coworkers enjoy a particular station that is, to put it mildly, inappropriate. The station is loud, screamo, negative, hateful, and offensive. If I am not loading the machine, It is really hard for me to keep my positive attitude when I am being assaulted by this stuff. I don’t say anything because I am the minority. I just find me some earplugs and try to make the best of it.


Well, yesterday I had heard that the radio was about to be changed to—we’ll call it station x—and I was dreading it.


I should preface the next bit with a warning. Yes, I talk to God and God talks to me. If you need to go now because you’ve discovered that I’m insane, I understand. No I don’t hear a booming voice from the heavens. I do, however, get very distinct impressions of ideas or words or phrases that do no come completely from me.


Okay. Moving on. I’m loading the machine and dreading the second half of my night, when I am given this: Forget the earplugs. This is what faith is. Let me take care of this.


This is so true! Why do I waste so much time fretting over things? All I have to do is turn it over to the One who has everything under control. I want a new habit. Every time I am the least bit worried about anything, I will just let it go. I release it! God will take care of it. That is what real faith looks like.


Fyi, the radio never did get changed last night, and instead the unhappy negative people got stuck listening to Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, and lots more annoyingly cheerful music! But it really doesn’t matter anymore, because I know now that when I do have to be exposed to the other stuff, I will be protected. Besides, I probably need the conditioning. After all, as my business grows, I will have to be able to deal with situations that make me uncomfortable. Thanks, God, for showing me the way. Again.


Takeaway: It really is possible to live a life without worry. You don’t have to be upset about the things happening around you. When you let go and turn your problems over to the Source of all Love, you will experience true freedom.


Today’s goal: Today I will notice when my mind starts to worry. I will let go of all fear and leave it with the One who already knows the outcome.


Affirmation to go:




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