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I Dare You to Do This Challenge! It will only take 2 minutes!




I’m creating a challenge for everyone who sees this.

I’ve been thinking about our connections with each other and the Universe.

One drop of positive energy has the potential to raise the vibrations of everyone it touches. Imagine how the world would change if we all spread just a little positivity, in a real way, to everyone we know.

I want to create a chain-reaction of Love and raised vibrations.


Here’s the challenge.

1. Take 60 seconds and think about your life.

2. Then identify one thing that you are supremely grateful for.

3. Copy this post and replace my “I’m thankful for” with your own and post it.


Gratitude elevates everyone.

Can you afford to spend a couple of minutes to create some joy and brighten your world?


I’m thankful for…


I have a computer and internet access so that I can follow my bliss (writing), and put it out into the world.


Pass this along.

Love and blessings!

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