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Today’s Goal: One Word: choose

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Today’s word: choose


My story:
Today I heard Neale Donald Walsh say “Stop making choices of your own free will, and acting like a victim.”

Sometimes it feels like life is happening to us. Like we have no choices. It has taken me half a century to figure out that my life based on my choices. I may not be in control of some of the things that happen around me, but I always have a choice as to how I will be affected.
For example, I am currently in a job that has nearing the end of what I need from it. I have given this situation over to my higher power, and things are starting to shift, but in the meantime, I have to have the right attitude. What good does it do me or the world if I wake up and say “Crap. I have to go to work.”
I don’t have to. I can choose to call in. I can choose to just not show up. I can choose to buy a bus ticket to Mexico.
But I won’t do any of those things. I will choose to go to my job, not be cause I am forced, but because I choose to do what is right for me. I will stay on this path until God directs me in a different direction. I once heard Joyce Meyer say “I am not qualified to run my own life.” I choose to let go of the things I’m not sure of, and trust that my Source of all wisdom will work it out.
Every day, I make hundreds of choices. I choose to get out of bed. I choose to spend time with God. When someone near me has a bad attitude, I can choose to react with kindness. When I am tired or frustrated, I can choose to shift my thinking.


Takeaway: Choose to look at your life as it is set in the field of a million choices. Don’t dwell on the past choices that brought you to today, but imagine all the choices that can take you to where you want to be.


Today’s goal: Today I will consciously think about the choices I make. I am never stuck. I can choose something else.


Affirmation to go:


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