Dear God, (a different kind of blogging)




This post is the beginning of something very different for me. I have always put great care into the mechanics, style, and organization of my writing. I want it to be free-flowing and easy to read.


This post and the ones that follow, may not follow my old habits.


You see, I need to work on my prayer life. I need more prayer in my life. To put it bluntly, I need more God! I want to be closer to my divine source of Love every day. I want to spend much more time making that connection.

I’m not sure why I feel led to publish something so private as my prayers, but that is what I intend to do. They may not pop up at regular intervals and they likely won’t have a strict sense of structure. In fact, it seems that my prayers are often rambling and circular, as my spirit uses the words to arrive at much-needed insight or discover the correct path.

In a strange way, this is not for anyone but me and God. I don’t always understand what I’m asked to do. I just have to trust that there is a reason. If you happen to stumble onto these “Dear God” posts, I hope that you will receive something that you need. I leave that in God’s hands.


I love you!

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