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Grace, Gratitude, and Tears, Oh My!

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Something has been happening in my spirit lately. It has to do with gratitude, but it may also be about miracles and grace.
That sounded elusive and mysterious. Let’s try again.
Yesterday, I cried. It’s a big deal because I don’t have ready access to my emotions the way many people do. I think it’s because my heart has endured so much pain, that after a while, it just closed up. As I heal, and my soul is reborn, I have begun to open up.
So yesterday I cried. Nothing bad happened. No one hurt my feelings. Actually, I was meditating. I was just sitting, enjoying my quiet time, when I kept having all these thoughts about what I need and what I don’t have.
Then that still, small voice of my soul said “You are alive.”


And then came the waterworks.
I AM ALIVE! I shouldn’t be. I spent years longing for death. I actually planned my suicide.

I have known true grace. I have seen miracles.

I have experienced Love beyond explanation.

I AM ALIVE! Everything that I have on top of that is just whipped cream and sprinkles on the ice cream!
What right have I to ever complain about anything? I AM ALIVE!
ON TOP OF THAT, I have a beautiful, family that loves me. I have a warm, safe place to sleep each night. I have food to eat and clothes to wear.

And here is the real miracle: I have a purpose and a dream and a real reason to live fully every single day!
Yes, I am crying, but it’s only because I am just so grateful for what I have been given.
I have no reason to complain about anything.

Dear God,
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
I am surrounded by magic and miracles. Love and grace hold my life.
Everything I need is here with me now.
I trust you to supply my needs and every lesson that I need to learn.
Help me to never forget.

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