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One Little Phrase

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For most of my life I’ve watched them. They were on CBS Sunday Morning. I hung on every word that came through my NPR radio.


They are authors.


They live in lovely little ranches in the Rocky Mountains. They sip wine in Italian grottos. They live in a fairy land a million miles from my ordinary life; in a land of my wildest dreams.


These wielders of words would take time away from their craft to grant mere mortals a glimpse into their lives and consent to an interview. At the end of every session, they would always say the same humble little phrase, “Thank you for having me.”
I loved them like family. I dared to never even hope that I might one day touch that world.
I still don’t have my little cabin in the mountains, but I do have hope. I’ve published my first book. I’ve given a couple of speeches. My dream fuels my day.
Something magical happened a few days ago and I almost missed it.
I delivered a motivational speech to a group of business women online. Everything went well. I feel like I did a pretty awesome job. I breathed a sigh of relief when I came to my closing lines. The host was kind and gracious, even gushing about my message and her “ah ha” moments.
I almost didn’t notice the gravity of the moment, when I smiled into the webcam, and for the first time ever, the words just tumbled over my lips…”Thank you for having me.”
It was simple, even ordinary. It was nothing and everything.
I am so blessed to be allowed to share my gifts and experiences in route to helping others. My purpose is unfolding before my eyes.
If you want to find true happiness, I encourage you to dust off the talents that God gave you and put them to work in a way that will bless others. There is no greater joy.
Love and blessings to you all!

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