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Why Worry is Killing You

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I am not a therapist or researcher per se, so I won’t be giving you all the research data on the ways that worry is physically wrecking your health. There is plenty of that stuff out there, and I could look it up for you, but then, you can do that for yourself.


What I need to tell you is more spiritual in nature, although psychology is definitely an underlying element.


I sit in meditation almost every day. The reasons are numerous. Don’t worry, this is not a post to persuade you to meditate. Most of my best writing comes during or after meditation, so there is no real escaping it on this site.


Anyway, a benchmark for making real progress in a meditation practice is the ability to look at one’s own thinking objectively, from a distance.
For the past few days, life had me a bit distracted and I’d neglected my daily meditation.
Today, I was only about two sacred breaths in, when a dump truck full of thoughts crashed down on me.


I have been really worried!


Here are some thoughts I observed:
I wonder if the car will start. I need to find more time to write. Will I have enough money to see my daughter during the holidays? Will I have enough food or gas or supplies to last until I get paid? Will I ever be able to let go of my day job and be a writer? Why am I so afraid? Why is my computer acting funny? How can I be a writer if my computer dies?


That is just a taste of what I saw my mind doing, and this, within the span of about 10 seconds!


No wonder I was feeling off balance and lacking energy!


With the weight of this kind of revelation, comes responsibility. I am now responsible for giving this issue my attention and taking steps to correct it.


That sounds very clinical. It really, just comes down to this. All of my worries are simply my ego trying to control everything. The ego says “If there is a problem (or even the suggestion of a problem), I can fix it.” The real problem is nothing is getting fixed. My brain is expending vast amounts of energy in preparation of a possible problem. And here’s the kicker. 99% of it is something that will very likely never happen!


What’s the answer?
Surrender. Trust that there is a higher power at work here. My highest self (God, Universe, Super-Ego, etc.), knows how to work all of this out.

The moment I saw and felt the weight of all those worries, I let them go. When you and observe you’re thinking, it is possible to let go of the stuff that is hurting you. I turned all those hurtful thoughts and worries loose. A hundred butterflies fluttered toward the sunlight.


I am amazed by the release of tension I experienced today. I may physically be 10 pounds lighter.

I think we are exhausted all the time because we spend tons of unconscious energy trying to control a bunch of circumstances that haven’t even happened yet. These actions are likely either futile, counterproductive, or frankly, none of our business.

Worry will drain your energy in ways that you aren’t even aware of.

Worry will distract you from using your natural resources of creativity and intuition.

Worry will kill your joy, trash your dreams, and rob you of your destiny.

You are probably worried about something right now! If you are feeling tired or stuck or frustrated, I encourage you to take a few quiet minutes and pay attention to the thoughts going through your mind.

Then make a conscious effort to think of something higher. Think about how much you love the people in your life or how grateful you are for the good things you have. Dismiss the worries. They will not help you.


amazing journey


Love and blessings!

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