How to be happy!

Consciousness Paused for another shooting

Amazing Journey

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I wake up each day with a sense of purpose. I open my eyes to the potential of a new day and look up with gratitude. My intentions  affect the attitudes of those around me, and in so doing, I raise the consciousness of the world.

This way of thinking brightens my outlook, inspires my actions, and blesses my life.

I’m like this pretty much all the time. I have long ago weeded out the people who are annoyed by positivity. This is who I am.

Except for sometimes.

Like today.

I open my computer and there it is. Another shooting. More lives taken.

I don’t generally pay much attention to the news. It’s not that I don’t care, I just don’t want to fill up my soul every day with a bunch of negative stuff, and besides, I believe that the Universe is…

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