Why You Don’t Have to Be Desperate to Ask for Help

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Most people currently on a spiritual path, can look back and clearly remember in great detail, that moment when everything changed.

It was that point in time when you stepped out of darkness. When you knew, without understanding how, that everything was going to be alright.

I will not be so arrogant as to try and guess your story, but here is how it went for me.

I could not go on much longer. I was at the end of my proverbial rope. I was depressed, and constantly assaulted by anxiety/panic attacks. I barely slept and rarely ate. I hated my life and everything in it, including and most of all, myself.

It seems rock bottom is where we must begin. We have to be so desperate for answers that we cry out for help which can only come from outside ourselves. For many of us, being all the way down in a deep, dark, desperate hole, is the only time that we really look up.

When I gave up on trying to fix my life and opened myself up to the possibility of something higher, things began to change. The right book fell into my lap. The right messages came through the radio, the TV, and the stratosphere. Suddenly, I had help. It came from a hundred directions every day. I was no longer alone. I had hope. I had momentum. After that, I was pretty much unstoppable. I have never looked back, and I am in fact, a completely different person.



But why do we have to fall all the way down before we ask for help?



I suppose it’s because of our egos. We have this voice in our heads that says “I can fix it.” We think we are in charge. We believe that if we keep doing the same stupid thing, that this time it will work out. We do this over and over until we are nothing but an empty shell, surrounded by destruction and chaos of our own making.



If you are reading this, and you know something in your life is wrong, understand that help is here, right now. You don’t have to wait for things to get much worse, and you finally fall to your knees in desperation.

Here’s a suggestion. Let’s wake up every day, and put on some humility. Sit down in silence for just a few minutes and let go of that “I can fix it.” idea. Just surrender that stubborn determination for a moment and accept that “I CANNOT do this by myself.”


Only then can you realize how amazing you are. This sounds like a contradiction, but it has nothing to do with your ego. You are amazing because you are not alone. You are co-creating your day with God, and all the powers of the Universe are lining up to help you.

Doesn’t that feel great?

Start now.

Look up today.

Do it now.

There is light.

There is Love.

There is help.

Everything can change in your very next breath.




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