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The Paths We Take

amazing journey 4



I snapped this picture while on a hike in Montana. I had moved to Montana because I’d always wanted to live in a beautiful place, but really I ran there. I ran away from the ordinary. I was running from my life.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what the view is through your window, if the inside doesn’t change, the world still seems ugly.

Eventually I returned to the land of the ordinary, the place where I’d started. It was here that I found my rock bottom. It was in the plain, day-to-day that I began to heal.

Today there are no sweeping mountain vistas outside my door, but there is a lightness in my step and the glow of love in my eyes. My soul knows peace.

We choose our paths every day.

Take a moment today and consider the path you are on. When did you step onto this road and why?

If you are not happy and excited about your life, you can change course in every moment. If you don’t like where you are, decide to go in a different direction. The path you choose today might just take you to more peace, more happiness. Excitement lies in the choosing.

Infinite possibilities are in front of you.




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