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What Is This Day? (a poem)

My steps might be lighter if I could see the finish.

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“Enough!” she cried.

    Here’s my life lately. Let me know if this sounds familiar. I feel off balance. I’m easily distracted and easily irritated. Yes, I need to meditate and pray, but I’m so tired. I’ll just hit the snooze one more time. I’ll be fine. I need to spend some time reading and studying something… Continue reading “Enough!” she cried.

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Is “Manifesting” for Christians?

    Okay, God I need help. I keep reading things that say the Universe will give me anything I want if I focus the right thoughts/energy on my intentions. All of this seems like some hocus-pocus nonsense. Okay, maybe not nonsense, but maybe it’s a secret code that I just can’t crack.   Or maybe… Continue reading Is “Manifesting” for Christians?

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A Serious Note

It is in our connections that we realize our power.

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a little reminder

You may see me stumble, but what you miss is, I am learning to step higher.