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Armor of God (pt.8: prayer)

All I have to do is stop and whisper a few words and I am right back where I need to be.

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“Enough!” she cried.

    Here’s my life lately. Let me know if this sounds familiar. I feel off balance. I’m easily distracted and easily irritated. Yes, I need to meditate and pray, but I’m so tired. I’ll just hit the snooze one more time. I’ll be fine. I need to spend some time reading and studying something… Continue reading “Enough!” she cried.

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A Moment that took 50 years to make.

This is not a promo for the book. Of course I want to sell the book, but more than anything, I want it to fall into the hands of someone who is suffering.

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God’s Manifesting day 3

God will make a problem big enough to get your full attention.

gratitude, How to be happy!, manifesting, transformation

New Habit (God’s manifesting day 2)

God is definitely up to something.