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Love Your Journey! (Intention Check-up)

Face this new season with the unshakable knowledge that you are not broken or underachieving. You are exactly the way God created you.

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Happy New Year, bloggers!

Great things are coming for us. How could it not? We have talent, blessings, and the powerful energy of connection.

gratitude, How to be happy!

A “Thank You!” Dance

Feeling blessed is one of the best ways to have a happy life.

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  Forgive my unbelief. Forgive my anger toward my neighbor. Forgive my fear. Thank you for your Love. Help me to know you better. Help me to release my faith that you are with me. You are with me in this moment. You are with me in this moment. You are with me in this… Continue reading Prayer


This is for You, Mom.

This is not a greeting card. This is not sweet and pretty. This is a thank you for the real stuff.