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Dear God, I finally understand.

  Dear God, I thank you for the heartache. Now I know how to help the broken-hearted. Thank you for the lean times. Now I know how to serve the poor. Thank you for the desperation and the loneliness. Now I understand how to reach the one who feels lost and alone. Help me God,… Continue reading Dear God, I finally understand.

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Today’s Goal: One Word: Worship

    Today’s word: Worship   My story: Merriam-Webster defines worship as “to regard with great or extravagant respect, honor, or devotion   We tend to think of worship as a time set aside to think about God. Perhaps it is quiet meditation. It may be a song or a raised hand. All of these… Continue reading Today’s Goal: One Word: Worship

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Today’s Goal: One Word: Gifts

One of my top priorities should be to honor my Creator by using the gifts I’ve been given.

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A Moment that took 50 years to make.

This is not a promo for the book. Of course I want to sell the book, but more than anything, I want it to fall into the hands of someone who is suffering.


And God said…

  If you don't believe in a Higher Power, I Love you, no offense intended, but you may not be interested in what follows. For those of you who believe that God is real and communication with a Divine Source is possible, you are gonna like this. Today I was given a simple, yet profound… Continue reading And God said…