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What would happen if today, you created the life you wanted using Love as the tool?

How to be happy!

Monday’s Prayer

Amazing Journey

amazing journey prayer

Am I the only one who starts getting the blues on Sunday night? The idea of starting another work week feels exhausting. Let’s start this week with a good mindset. To help us make this mental adjustment, I put down a little prayer for Monday morning. Just read it slowly and let it sink in. I pray you and I will have a blessed, safe, productive, joyful week!

Dear God,

Thank you for this day and another chance to enjoy your blessings.

I thank you for my job, my home, and my family.

Help me to perform the work before me with the best of my ability and with a good attitude.

Help me to open my eyes this week and see my blessings, so that I will not dwell on the distractions.

Help me to stay focused on you, on Love, and to remember that you are always with…

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How to be happy!

Today, Make the World a Little Brighter!

Amazing Journey

amazing journey light

Imagine lighting a candle in a dark room. The light doesn’t have to push against the force of darkness. The darkness simply fades away. It cannot be in the same space as light.

Love is like that. Bring a bit of Love into any situation, and the darkness will disappear. Love is the energy and divine power of the Divine. In its presence, there can be no fear, no sadness, no hate, no impatience, and no frustration.

Love has many children. The light sends out sparks. They are trust, faith, generosity, hope, kindness, belief, openness, humility, and truth.
Take this idea with you today. There is a line in Conversations With God, by Neale Donald Walsh that asks, “What would Love do?” This is to be applied to any problem. Whatever the issue or struggle, just ask, “What would Love do?” It really is that simple.
When frustration…

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How to be happy!

Add a little Magic to you Life!

Amazing Journey

amazing journey 28

What is magic? The dictionary says magic is “an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source” When you were a child, you were surrounded by magic. Everything was extraordinary and supernatural because it was new, and unexplainable.

If you think back and pinpoint the best moments in your life, they will probably involve a sense of wonder. Something amazing happened that you didn’t see coming, didn’t understand, or thought you didn’t deserve.

I think that many of us are unhappy with our lives because we have lost our sense of wonder. We are no longer amazed or even interested with the things happening around us. We think we have already seen it all. Been there, done that. Every day looks pretty much the same as the one before it.

What if you could see your life with fresh eyes. How would your attitude change if you could look…

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How to be happy!, transformation

How to Change your Life by adding One Simple Skill (or Your Beautiful Life and the Lost Art of Listening)

For some of us, we haven’t slowed down enough to tune into the right frequency. A tiny shift in your thinking might be all it takes.