How to be happy!

The World awaits your Smile — The Devotion Cafe’

Did you know a simple smile can brighten someone’s day? Did you know that a smile does not cost a thing? Did you know a smile brings ease to a room? Just a simple smile can turn a person world upside down. With something so easy and cost absolutely nothing, why do we not do […]… Continue reading The World awaits your Smile — The Devotion Cafe’

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Why You Need a Mission Statement for Your Writing Life

You are a writer. You always have been. It is in the blueprint of your soul.

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Do you know how amazing you are?

  Do you know how amazing you are?   You were created by the same energy that makes the flowers bloom and the stars shine!   Every cell of your body contains DNA that is unlike every other cell in the universe!   Did you know that when a caterpillar larvae is born, it has… Continue reading Do you know how amazing you are?

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  Gratitude is an amazing thing. It's like magic. Being thankful for what I have and what is coming changes not only my attitude but my actual circumstances. Gratitude opens the gates of heaven. Today I am grateful for so much. strong arms a beating heart air in my lungs peanut butter and jelly ham… Continue reading Blessed!