encouragement, what Love can do

A Reminder from Your Father

All things are possible When you remember I am with you


My New Year’s (spiritual) Resolution…wanna join me?

I am anxious to see how this will impact my day, my attitude, my relationships, my energy, my life, even my year!

How to be happy!, what Love can do

Read This, Even If It’s Old News!

Love casts out all fear.

Holiday, How to be happy!

“New Year” Rant

How can we expect to have an abundant new year when we are swimming in negativity about the recent past?

gratitude, purpose


  Forgive my unbelief. Forgive my anger toward my neighbor. Forgive my fear. Thank you for your Love. Help me to know you better. Help me to release my faith that you are with me. You are with me in this moment. You are with me in this moment. You are with me in this… Continue reading Prayer