How to be happy!

Maybe there is something to this “Love thy neighbor” thing.

The people in our lives are all around us anyway, we might as well make the most of what we have.

How to be happy!, transformation

A New Journey Begins…

  I am beginning a serious study of A Course in Miracles. Please send me prayers and positive energy that my desire and patience will outlast my lack of understanding. Also, please bear with me if my posts (for the next year), are flooded with ACIM stuff. Love you all!

challenges, How to be happy!, play, transformation

What’s Your Opinion on This?

I am currently researching a book I’d like to write about the ego and spiritual blockages. Do you all mind if I just ask for some feedback?


My New Year’s (spiritual) Resolution…wanna join me?

I am anxious to see how this will impact my day, my attitude, my relationships, my energy, my life, even my year!