How to be happy!, seek and you will find, transformation

Who Am I?

Remember, you have a Creator who Loves you beyond words and without condition.

devotional, gratitude, How to be happy!

Today’s Goal: One Word: gratitude

When I feel thankful for what I have, it makes me feel humble. I recognize grace.

seek and you will find

Armor of God (pt.5 faith)

Often it feels like the negativity is thrown at my head and my soul, like fiery arrows.


The Light is on the way! (or Leaving the darkness)

These dark days will one day be the best chapters of your story.

How to be happy!, transformation

Daily Spiritual Practice for Beginners (Part 3: engaging the mind)

There will be a moment when my mind checks in and recognizes the truth of what is being said. These are not just words. They are real. This is really happening.