How to be happy!, transformation

New Year, Best Beginning

Nothing you did (or failed to do) in 2018 has power over who you are today.


This is for You, Mom.

This is not a greeting card. This is not sweet and pretty. This is a thank you for the real stuff.


Today’s Goal: One Word: Kind

Kindness connects us to each other and to God’s Love.


Today’s Goal: One Word: even {when}

    Defined: even—just (used to emphasize occurrence, coincidence, or simultaneousness of occurrences): He continued the golf game, even when it began to rain.   What it means to me: to rise   My story: Several days ago, a close friend made an off-hand remark that hurt my feelings. I tried to brush it off… Continue reading Today’s Goal: One Word: even {when}


Better Together (this blogging world)

I am humbled each time someone clicks that "follow button".