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Why You Do Stuff That’s Bad for You

We will do anything to make ourselves feel better.


Dear God, I am quiet.

    Thank you for silence. Thank you for this sacred stillness. Thank you for a sense of knowing and the moment before the dawn. I am listening in awe. Thank you for peace and protection. Help me, God, to carry this tranquil gift throughout my day. Your presence is all I need. I am… Continue reading Dear God, I am quiet.

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Who Am I?

Remember, you have a Creator who Loves you beyond words and without condition.

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Today’s Goal: One Word: choose

  Today’s word: choose   My story: Today I heard Neale Donald Walsh say “Stop making choices of your own free will, and acting like a victim.” Sometimes it feels like life is happening to us. Like we have no choices. It has taken me half a century to figure out that my life based… Continue reading Today’s Goal: One Word: choose

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Today’s Goal: One Word: cherished

No matter what your day brings, try to remember to just stop and breathe and know that you are not alone.