How to be happy!, transformation

Yes, I AM trying to sell you something!!!




I am new to this whole spiritual/religion/Universe/God…thing. I don’t follow anyone’s dogma. All I know is I was magically rescued from utter despair and the edge of death. I was given a dose of pure, cleansing, resurrecting Love.

Since then I have not stopped looking, digging, searching, and sharing. I want more. I’m like a junkie. I want it every single day.

Being new to this world, I was and still am completely naïve to the ways of people.
For example, I have only recently begun to understand that there are lots and lots of people who go to church every week, and are exposed to divine beauty and Love and aren’t, in fact, any better off than anyone else. They act and think just like the rest of the unhappy planet! I don’t get it.


I do not call myself a Christian, because I have seen what that looks like for most people. I am a Christian in the sense that I dearly want to be like Christ.
I am not a Buddhist, but I Love the teachings of the Buddha.
I am a student of the Universe, and like the Universe, I am expanding every day.
So when I open my laptop and put words on the screen for you to read, it is not because I am trying to look like a good “Christian”. I am not trying to use all the right catch phrases so that I can fit in with all the “spiritual” people. I am not taking advantage of your needs so I can make a dollar.


I am here because I have discovered (and am discovering), the secrets to living a good life.
I make mistakes and I am still learning, but it is an amazing journey. I look around and see all the miserable people and my heart hurts. I wish I could share what I have.

Irony: I live smack in the middle of the bible belt, and I feel like I am the only person on the planet that feels this way!


So yes, I am trying to sell you something….peace! and joy!


And all it will cost you is a little time and the willingness to set aside your judgements.

That is my ulterior motive.


I Love you all very much!

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